"Traps" is one of the active skills in FOnline. It is responsible for the effectiveness and handling of explosives. It is a vital skill for every character with the Demolition Expert profession.


The skill is primarly influenced by these S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats:

1x Agility = 1x bonus to Traps

1x Perception = 1x bonus to Traps

The starting skill level of Traps is calculated by the formula :

base skill level (10%) + Agility + Perception + 20% if tagged

Tips and TricksEdit

Explosives can be used by a skilled trapper to kill multiple players at once.

Traps can be placed anywhere on the ground, or if you are a good thief even reverse pickpocketed into a player's inventory.

Don't forget to keep a safe distance from the bomb after you placed it, unless you want to be a suicide bomber XD

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