New Reno-

-Mr. Wright quest-

If you have moderate Charisma(3 or more, probably. Untested.), talking to Mr. Wright will start this quest in his home on the East side.

2)You have to talk to the snitch in two other gang hideouts, then talk to Ms. Kitty. The order has to be done properly, so begin with: Bill in Shark Casino. He's at the bar, but on the southern tip in a red shirt.

3)Pretty Boy Lloyd in Salvatore's bar. Brown-shirt at a table just below their bar.

4)Talk to Ms Kitty at her brothel.

5) Report back to Mr. Wright, get your reward depending upon your Charisma. At higher lvls (8 at the test) I was awarded with a 10mm Pistol and ammo, while at 5 CHA, I got only a 9mm Mauser and 9mm ammo. Both reward come with a small amount of caps. This quest is not immediately repeatable, but has a fairly short cooldown, I think. NOTE: Same XP reward no matter the Charisma. No obvious Karma drop visible.

-Lil Jesus Package Quest-

With enough Charisma, you can talk to Lil Jesus in the Desperado Casino to start this quest.

1) You need 3 charisma to get this quest. Ask Lil Jesus about doing work, and he will give you this package and tell you to take it to Metzger in The Den.

2)Bring the package to Metzger in his quarters located at The Den. He will give you a Shotgun and some ammo for it as reward. Rewarded also: 800 XP, though NOTE: This quest is required to make dialog options available to you so you can begin the process of joining the Raiders faction, which starts with Metzger. You will as well get 150 Rep towards Slavers, which I have not seen impacting negatively on any other reputations.

3)This is optional though highly recomended. Return to Lil Jesus for 1500 XP to round out the quest. I think also this will need to be done in order to join Mordino's faction, which may be implemented in the future (it's WIP to my knowledge.)

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